Our history!

Founded in 2006, our company is honored to carry the status of being a trusted and sought-after leader in the sector today. Tac hil offers superior products with its wide range including primarily wet wipes, personal care products under the brand of Tac hil.

Tac hil has obtained its well-deserved status among leading manufacturers growing fast in the wet wipe manufacture and steering the sector through its investment in production with huge capacity.

Tac hil, one of the biggest manufacturers of the wet wipes of the sector in Turkmenistan today, is a company whose core principles of incorporation have been merged with business values and adopted previous experiences and values in terms of management with a modern understanding. With this conscience, we are carrying out our business in a more professional, more corporal, more innovative and more visionary manner. From this point of view, we are structuring the management staff through a modern understanding and building institutionalization fundamentals on unique knowledge dating back and closely acquainted by all of us.

Having a large access to the market and logistic network of 5 countries today, our company follows developments in the market closely. Without making compromising on the brand reliability, our company offers the global market a range of products with high added value.