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Right after the moment you start using the first group of “Brilliant” wet wipes with different properties, you will feel the softness and fineness. It stands out with high absorbance, that’s why fabric absorbs ingredients and provides good and homogeneous distribution. Solution absorbed with distilled water will provide your expected performance with satisfaction. You can use these wet wipes not containing alcohol or paraben with trust. Terminologically proven that they are not hypoallergenic.

  • Fabric made out of natural cotton’s fibers absorbs and keeps solution very well.
  • Provides ideal cleaning solutions via its natural ingredients and vitamins used.
  • For your sensitive skin, in “Brilliant” wet wipes we use non-woven fabric made from natural cotton’s fibers.
  • Practical and safe cap provides easy, fast and smooth usage.
  • Proven that wet wipes are not hypoallergenic via microbiological and dermatological tests.
  • “Brilliant” wet wipes which you can use safely does not contain alcohol, paraben and other harmful substances.