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When baby is born baby’s skin is covered with layer called “vernics”. While this protective layer protects baby from environmental hazards, it also helps maintaining desired body temperature. Vernics layer disappears slowly within 6 months while new born baby’s immune system develops gradually. In the first 6 months baby’s skin is very sensitive to all reactions so the ingredients used for products chosen for your baby’s skin is very important. It is very important that the wet wipe chosen harmonizes with your baby’s skin. For that reason, it is very important to choose wet wipes containing distilled water, vitamins, cream powder and cotton fabric.

Why “KÖRPEJIK” wet wipes?

Suggestion of pediatrician doctors KÖRPEJIK wet wipes does not contain alcohol, paraben, perfume and synthetic fiber. KÖRPEJIK wet wipes prevents reactions and allergies because of its cotton fabric and harmonized pH levels to your baby’s skin. It has high cleaning power because of its high water keeping capacity cotton fibers. KÖRPEJIK wet wipes were manufactured to satisfy your babies all hygiene requirements with its skin friendly ingredients, soft fabric and breathing fabric. Wet wipes which you can use with a reliance to you baby’s sensitive skin has become the first choice of our caring mothers.