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Cleans your make up completely with just one wipe. “MAKE UP” wet wipes stand out with ability not making teardrops while cleaning your eye surroundings and makes your face breath and soft by cleansing make up very easily. Cosmacol in ingredients will help your face skin look relaxed, shiny and young.

  • Gently cleanses and nourishes your skin by removing makeup and other residuals.
  • Even waterproof mascara can be removed with one piece.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes your skin.
  • Refreshes and vitalizes your skin without leaving an oily layer.
  • Paraben, soap, and alcohol-free.
  • Dermatologically tested.

With its specially designed large surface, it provides hygiene to your body. Its soft lotion has been developed as an alternative to cleansing with water and soap. It efficiently cleanses and nourishes even the most sensitive skin and gives comfort with its fresh scent.

  • It can be used on the face and neck areas.
  • Cleanses, moisturizes, leaves a fresh sensation. No need to rinse.